Sunday, July 31, 2011

►Waves & Particles

►"The "Waves and Particle" paintings developed from an attempt to pull back and understand the bigger picture. I formerly had defined my work as integrating natural and man-made forms. Now, I see them as more similar than not. Now, I'm painting a universe of energy that occasionally articulates itself as form.
I believe that mark-making; painting, drawing, sculpting, et al, personifies both the wave and the particle. Energy and matter; the artists' loaded brush touching the canvas.
My paintings continue to evolve, but the name of the series, "Waves and Particles" still define what my work is about." - Howard Hersh

Artworks | Howard Hersh
Artwork series: 'Waves & Particles'

Video/Graphic | Mirjana Milosavljevic

Music/Composer | Vito Palumbo

Composition: Concerto Barocco - II tempo

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