Sunday, February 12, 2012

►Alex Varanese - Urban cartography

►Alex Michael Varanese releases music as broken time machines, has released one episode so far of an animated sitcom. He is native to the bay area. Thinks John Hughes is bigger than Jesus. He is an ardent believer in hard determinism and wishes he were better friends with fate; is guilty of an overuse - but never misuse - of the word "literally"; draws upon a limitless supply of cheeky quips designed specifically for ironic, post-hipster posturing; likes red more than you do.
Alex's clients are: Nike, Google, Publicis / Chevrolet, Fortune, Playboy, Island Records, Wired UK, Money Magazine, Surface Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, CBS, Sapient-Nitro / Drambuie, Rowohlt Verlag / Jack Kerouac (view work).

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