Thursday, April 7, 2011

►Daniele Cascone - Digital artist

►Digital Art & Photography by Daniele Cascone (Ragusa, Italy).

Artist's Statement:
"My name is Daniele Cascone, I was born in Ragusa (Italy) and I live and work there. I was always interested in arts, drawing, and illustrations. 


Recently, my main passion is digital graphic. In 2001 I started to create some digital images and day after day I have discovered this wonderful world and the possibilities that digital technique gives me.

I create my artwork with Photoshop and my digital camera. I also use some classical techniques like acrylics, oil colors and pencil, mixed with digital. For an image, usually I prepare the basic elements I need; I shoot some photos of objects, persons, textures or I paint some backgrounds with acrylics or oils. Then I transfer all into my PC and I start to mix these elements with Photoshop, to obtain the final images.

I work with no specific ideas; I don't have a specific plans when I make an image. I free my mind and I simply work following my inspiration. In my work I want to communicate my emotions, my ideas, my secrets; it's a necessity to express myself through my pictures. I love to experiment new techniques and new ways... You can view my graphics on my website:

I have also founded a project about digital art and graphics: it's name is "Brain Twisting" and it's an Italian webzine with a lot of news, events, interviews, galleries and more stuff about graphics, especially digital graphics."...

A preview with some new experimental short film sequences taken from "History", by Daniele Cascone.

Stop motion experimental film "Remembrance", by Daniele Cascone.
An experimental stop-motion video (2006). Music, photography, animation and theme by Daniele Cascone.

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