Wednesday, April 13, 2011

►Jennifer Gordon - A writer and mixed media artist

►Artist's statement:
Choosing The Dream Instead
"I am a writer and mixed media artist originally from Manchester NH, about 45 minutes north of Boston. I graduated from the acting program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, it was there that I got the chance to work as an artist model as well as work with the innovative professional theater- New Art Theatre.
She Danced In The City At Night
A Letter Never Received
It was during my years at the Institute that I fell in love with art in all of its forms. After five years of regional professional theater I decided to express myself in other mediums as well, finally stumbling on the combination of writing and art.
Air Ship Captain
Our Year In Paris
For Beauty, I Replied
I decided to go back to school and study English and Art History at the University of New Hampshire while working as an assistant gallery director at the Art 3 Gallery in New Hampshire. After several years I decided to move to Columbus Ohio, to be close to the love of my life ($700 cell phone bills just seemed like a waste).
Marie Antoinette
My Indie comic book "Stiletto Heights" has begun to receive critic. l acclaim for it's realistic portrayal of life and love through a woman's eyes. The book contains realistic dialogue, and beautiful art combined with prose and poetry.

What Is She Hiding
My mixed media art creations are another form of storytelling my love for antique letters led me to an exploration of the hidden stories of letters of the past.
She Does Not Wait For June
My work has been shown in several galleries in the New England area, such as the Carney Gallery and Art 3 as well as being sold throughout the Midwest at trade shows in conjunction with my comic. My art has also been seen on the cover of the indie book "Johnnie Zombie" as well as the literary journal "The Poet's Touchstone".


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