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►Philip Brunner - Graphic Designer

Philip Brunner's Graphic Designs are 'Out of This World'...
DesignersCouch Interview

DesignersCouch member Philip Brunner of San Antonio, Texas, is a graphic designer who specializes in brand creation, advertising and marketing design. His artwork is pretty much out of this world; a display in symmetry and incredible colour fusions. Philip's work is consistent and has lots of character, using elements from every day life and heightening them to something beyond your imagination. 
So how does he do it? First take a look at his work, then check out our feature interview with him below.

1. How'd you get started in graphic design? 
I got started in graphic design several years ago when my publisher needed me to help out in the advertising department at the newspaper I wrote for. I went to college for counseling and learned design as an apprentice at Berkshire Hathaway.

2. Your works feature quite a lot of symmetry and balance, with your subject placed very precisely in the frame. 
It's intuitive. I have learned to manipulate my cognitive faculties in order to benefit me artistically and psychologically, so I know I can trust my intuition. Our personality and characteristics are what make us unique, so I make my designs reflective of that.

3. What's been the most challenging aspect of being a graphic designer? 
Time. Simply, not having enough time. Not enough time to write articles for my site, not enough time to promote a new design, not enough time to experiment, not enough time to take pictures for stock I need etc.

4. Many of your artworks tend to have movement, as well as what seems to be an intergalactic theme running through them.  
It tends to give the design some energy. Nothing demonstrates energy like movement and light.

5. Tell us about Elephant Trash, and how important do you think personal work is to creativity?
Elephant trash is a basic representation of my childhood. I was poor and my imagination and neighborhood was my playground. Personal work allows us to stretch our abilities and work outside the normal standards. I think it is invaluable to demonstrate what we are capable of.

6. Any thoughts for someone wondering how to get started in graphic design?
Study design, practice design and promote your design. Repeat over and over. 

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