Saturday, April 30, 2011

►Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev - Aesthetical neo-romanticism

►Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev, born 1962, Moscow.
1986 graduated from the Moscow Academy of Graphic Arts as a graphic artist.

From 1986: a press photographer for Italian, French and Spanish editions and, at the same time, a proactive participant at painting and graphic exhibitions sponsored by Moscow artists.

His art is a denial of commonness and understanding that only the artistic flair and style allow to transform a single moment of a real life into a piece of art. One can confidently say that Vladimir Clavijo is the patriarch of the Russian advertising photography. 

Professional skills of transformation of a negative image into a positive one probably are subconsciously present in the philosophy of the artist's creativity. Everything he chooses as a photo-target of his creative vision, becomes elegant, stylish, even pretentious, but always beautiful and as a result - positive.

Aesthetical neo-romanticism of photo-artist Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev leaves the spectator with romantic impression of complicity with aesthetics of the Silver Age.


Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev - 

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