Saturday, January 28, 2012

►Jamie Baldridge - 101 fairy tales

►Jamie Baldridge's love of stories dates back to a lazy afternoon from his childhood when he discovered a book entitled, "101 Fairy Tales," in his grandmother's attic. When Baldridge creates his interpretations of the fables and tales that he has implanted in his subconsciousness they emerge as a very surreal and yet visceral. As an emerging photographer of the 21st Century Baldridges adapts a digital work flow to his photographic work. 
Jamie Baldridge was born to two hominids in 1975 in a very small town in the Deep South of the United States. Much of his childhood was spent in tedium. After spending years studying Theology and Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, Jamie somehow got a BFA in Photography. After which he went on to work a string of odd, very odd, photographic jobs before receiving his MFA in Photography from the same fine institution. He is currently a professor of photography at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His work and writings can be found in many collections such as the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Rare Books collections of the Library of Congress, Cornell University, the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, The University of Colorado at Boulder, the Rhode Island Institute of Technology, McNeese University’s Abercrombie Collection, as well as numerous private collections. The Everywhere Chronicles, his first book, has just been released by 21st Editions. Baldridge currently resides in Lafayette, LA where he divides his time between making art, teaching, traveling, and writing.

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