Sunday, June 19, 2011

►Luca Pierro - Photograph as a surrealist painting

Luca Pierro was born in Cantù (Italy) in 1978. At the age of thirteen he got his first camera, a Polaroid, and falls in love with photography and art in general, under the influence of parents and, in particular the mother, a painter. 
At the age of sixteen test the first experiments in the darkroom. Captured images come alive with the first SLR, a Pentax ME Super, “stolen” to his father. At nineteen he moved to Rome to undertake university studies. During this period, while continuing to love photography, he devoted himself to music, his other great passion. 
In 2009 he won second prize in the photography competition held by Ichnusa on Sardinia. 
In 2010 he won first prize at MostraMi in Milan. 
He currently lives and works in Cagliari.

The works of Luca Pierro express a micro and macro cosmos where the figure of the artist - who is also the photographer - forcefully enters the scene. The portrait's protagonist is the same photographer. 
His shots have the intent to escape the "already seen" to "the already done". He explores new and unspoiled paths, from the point of origin of man himself, with the use of natural elements such as: flour, land, water, clay and so on.
All elements that lead back to "Mother Earth". For the artist is important the traceability of the material used to leave on the surfaces portrayed. 
The body becomes the vehicle of expression. The artist undermines the concept of traditional portrait (beautiful) to introduce viewers to new dynamics. 
Offers us portraits full of meanings, sometimes with a strong provocation. Some of them put us in touch with the contemporary research in experimental theater. So the artist is able to establish with the viewer an involvement immediate and spontaneous. 
"His image, his body, they become expressive material," we see the real "Metamorphosis", with which he conveys his art. 
The colors used are essential. The careful study of light evokes her strong spirituality. 
Represents a new and exciting proposal, a new study, which began long ago, the ancient land to the tensions raised by modern man, immersed in a in a culture dominated by technology.
"Luca uses natural substances such as water, flour, talcum powder or sugar to create artificial images, creating unique works of art. As a surrealist painting, the works of this extraordinary self-taught artist certainly deserve to be discovered."

Artist's Statement...

"The people who see my work think they are photoshoped. Actually, they are not. I try to reach the effects, textures and lights with the least amount of manipulation as possible so I use a lot of materials like flour, milk, water and other. For the lighting, I usually use a single flash with an umbrella reflector.
The intention is to express a micro and macro cosmos where the figure of the artist can forcefully enter onto the scene. My figure represents a man, "the man," involved with materials. All the elements that can lead back to "Mother Earth." In this way, the body becomes the vehicle of expression. The traceability of the material used on the body surface is important for me. Equally important are the light and dark. The contrast between these two elements evokes the struggle between life and death.
My first inspiration was my mother. Thanks to her, I learned to appreciate painting and art. I do not have a specific artistic reference. Rather, I try to be attracted by what I see and to elaborate it in my inner world. I remain, however, always fascinated by the work of some great artists. I love the use of light in Caravaggio, the reinterpretation of the real in Magritte, and the human despair in Bruegel.
I have no advice to give. I can only say what is right for me. Try to figure out what you have inside. All images, colors, emotions are already inside of us because they are part of our human nature. The trick is to find a way to release this inner world."

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